A Large Selection of


I am pleased to be able to make available to you a large selection of George Formby Memorabilia including the following;

* DVDs and/or Videos of some of George Formby’s Films.

* DVDs and/or Videos of various Documentaries about George Formby.

* Some of George Formby’s original EP’s from the late 1950s/very early 1960s.

* A set of George Formby’s records on Cassette.

* At least two copies of  the much sought-after ‘George Formby Complete’.

* Three copies of the highly acclaimed biography of George Formby by Alan Randall & Ray Seaton.

* A large selection of Photographs of George Formby.

* A large selection of signed Photographs of George Formby.

* A selection of original George Formby Sheet Music (with Ukulele chord boxes).

* Other George Formby related items.

* Several original Theatre Posters of (the late) Alan Randall’s ‘Turned Out Nice Again’ - The George Formby Story.

* Also available are a selection of Ukuleles and Banjo Ukes, most of which would be ideal for beginners or adults wanting to learn to play.

If you are interested in any of the items above, please contact



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Email: rohehan@hotmail.com

and Rob will be able to send you a DVD of everything that is available.


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