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Details about my Forthcoming Book entitled

All About

The Banjo Uke

* Casebound with printed Dust Jacket

* Printed on Very High Quality A4 Paper

* Easier-to-read Text

* Lots of Photographs (almost all in Colour)

* 300 Pages

* 16 Chapters (see List below)

* Loads of Information

* Lots of Stories

* Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction, and Dedication

Chapter 1:   How my interest started.

Chapter 2:   From the Ukulele to the Banjo Uke

Chapter 3:   The Elements of a Banjo Uke

Chapter 4.   The Keech Brothers

Chapter 5:   Ludwig Banjo Ukes

Chapter 6:   Gibson Ukulele-Banjos

Chapter 7:   Abbott Banjo Ukes

Chapter 8:   Bacon Banjo Ukes

Chapter 9:   Other Notable Banjo Uke Makers and Instruments

Chapter 10: Price Comparisons Then and Now

Chapter 11: The Major Case Makers

Chapter 12: How to change a Vellum

Chapter 13: George Harrison and the Banjo Uke

Chapter 14: The Ownership of George Formby’s Instruments

Chapter 15: How to Choose a Banjo Uke

Chapter 16: How to get the Best out of your Banjo Uke

More than seven years after I started writing this book it is now completely finished and has been sent for printing and binding.

The feedback that I have had from people who have seen either part of it or the first editing copy, has been tremendous, and you can see a few random photographs below.

My thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement along the way. Having had a long-held interest in these instruments, I have at last fulfilled a lifetime ambition to write a book about them. I hope that you all enjoy it.

 Best Wishes,

John Croft.


* The photos and text shown below are taken from the first (un-edited) loose-leaf printed copy of my book. It is used here for illustration purposes only and my photographs of it were taken rather quickly, as a result of which some are rather out of focus and slightly blurred.

Rest assured the ones in the book itself are not!

** Go to the bottom left of the image and click the middle button for an automatic slide display.

*** The page binding shown in these photos is very basic but the finished book will have proper high quality binding.

**** The images below are all subject to Copyright and may not be reproduced without my written permission.


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