From:  Dan Sawyer (USA) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hello John. Just a quick note to let you know the Banjo Ukulele book arrived safely. And what a book it is! Gorgeous and wonderful and I will gave you more accolades when done reading it. Please look at the eBay auction I won below. Do you have these items? If not, I would like to make high quality copies and send to you. This is because I know you would find them of interest and also as partial payment for the currency transfer fiasco. (still looking for some old Grover bridges for you). Best, Dan.

From: Bill Dilley (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, Just a few words to say a big thank you for the copy of your book given to me by my wife for my birthday. It is a wonderful book so clearly written with pictures to drool over. A must for anybody who is interested in uke banjo. Many thanks, Bill Dilley.

From: Lance Orton (England) Re: GIBSON UB-1 Banjo Uke (c.1926).

I have it John. Very nice. Thanks. Lance.

(Update) From: Sean Moyses (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Just to say how much I have enjoyed the book John, which has kept me company whilst the family were in Japan. Reading it has kept me out of the Wetherspoons in the evenings whilst they were away, so very well done, good for diet! Sean.

From: Sean Moyses (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, Great to meet up yesterday and thanks for passing your spot over to me, that was very kind of you. I skimmed through the book last night….what a great effort, and most amusing about the “anoraks!” …. Guilty as charged!!! Thanks also for your flattering words on the cover.

Best wishes and I hope the journey home was good. See you along the way, Sean.

From: Robert Pedler (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hallo John, this is an email from Robert Pedler. First of all John can I congratulate you on your fantastic book about the ukulele and ukulele banjo. I have read it through three times and have found something of interest every time. Thanking you, kind regards, Robert.

From: Sarah Fearnley (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, Just to let you know the book arrived on Saturday so just in time for his Tony’s birthday on Monday. He wasn't allowed to open it until yesterday - but he absolutely loves it. Thanks very much. Sarah.

From: David Boxall (England) Re: GIBSON UB-1 Banjo Uke (c.1935).

Dear John, Just to let you know I am delighted with the UB-1 which I collected today, it’s condition exceeds my expectations. Good to see you again. Best regards, David.

From: George Flink (USA) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, Your book is a delight. A lovely combination of scholarship and personal experience. The pictures are lovely. The chapter on George Harrison was very entertaining. You offered to give the year of manufacture if we could supply serial numbers on Gibsons. My UB-4 is 8457-38

My UB-5 is 8597-71. Also a question re. The UB trap door uke. My hunch is that Gibson used materials that they already had on hand for trap door mandolin banjos to enter the banjo uke market. Just putting four tuners instead of 8 in the peghead would do it. The scale would already be correct. I submitted this question to Gibson but have not received an answer. Any thoughts about this? Again, thank you for your book, clearly a labour of love. Regards, George.

From: Eddie Evans (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, I just wanted to congratulate you on your new book ‘All About The Banjo Uke'. I remember you telling me about the  book when I visited you at home back in 2016 and it has certainly been worth the wait.It is encyclopedic in terms of information about banjo ukes and your enthusiasm for these instruments we all love fairly leaps out from the pages. The photos are stunning by the way and help make it a pleasure just to turn the pages to see what's coming next. Well done sir! - and thank you for allowing us to share in the knowledge you so obviously possess. Best wishes and kindest regards, Eddie Evans. PS: I just loved your presentation in The Churchill Room at The Imperial with 2 of George's banjo ukes. It was so interesting, and the stories you told about their history were fascinating. For you to allow us GFS members to hold them and even play them was so very very kind of you.

From: Ian Chisholm (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

John, it was a pleasure to meet you in Blackpool at long last and to pick up a copy of your book. I must say it's a fantastic piece of work and I'm really enjoying reading it. As an aside I'm hoping I can pick your brains. There's a Claughton banjolele for sale on the Andy Eastwood website I may be interested in buying but I can't find much information about them. Are you able to shed some light on them ? Are they good instruments? Thanks again. Ian.

From: Eric Jingeaux (France) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Here it is! Thank you for everything, the book is superb. Now it's up to me to dive in trying to understand everything with my limited English. Thank you for everything. Eric.

From: Robert Pedler (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hallo John, just to confirm that your book has arrived. I had to go out for an hour today and it was delivered just before I returned home and it was taken to a local post office from where I collected it just a half hour ago, 5.45pm. I am now 76 years old and don't tend to get too excited nowadays, however I couldn't wait to open the package and wow what a beautiful book. It has exceeded all my expectations with its quality and wonderful photographs and all that information you have had to collate no wonder it has taken 7 years to complete, you must be very proud of the outcome. No one who is interested in ukulele banjos should be without this book.

Thanking you again, kind regards from Robert.

From: Brian Young (Australia) Re: LUDWIG ‘WENDELL HALL PROFESSIONAL’ Banjo Uke’ (c.1927).

Hello John, Many thanks again for the Ludwig. It looks gorgeous, feels gorgeous and it makes a gorgeous sound – everything you described.

As before, with my being overseas, it was invaluable to have your expert advice and know that you had inspected the instrument. Now, with my Bacon and my Ludwig I am a contented ‘owner’ – well for now anyway! Kind regards from ‘Down Under’, Brian.

From: Daz Barry (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Morning John, Would like to say your new book is brilliant. You have explained everything in great detail, so clear and precise. I have learnt so much from it and also about you. You are a very interesting man. (Oh no I’m not! JC). Thanks for the taking the time for all us Formby nuts. Daz.

From: Claire Rolfe (England) Re: DALLAS ‘B’ MODEL Banjo Uke’ (c.1955).

Hello John, The Dallas ‘B’ has arrived safely. It’s a dinky little thing isn’t it, even smaller than the Le Domino. Thanks for the Galli strings which I will fit asap, then I can play it and get to know it like I have the Le Domino (which I love to bits). Many Thanks. See you at Blackpool in March.

Regards - Claire.

From: Denver Smith (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, Congratulations on the publication of your wonderful book about ukulele’s, it has taken 7 years of I guess hard work, plus a labour of love and dedication. The end product is excellent; the quality of the paper, photographs and history in general is fantastic. Once again, congratulations. Best regards from Denver Smith.

From: Denver Smith (England) Re: LUDWIG ‘WENDELL HALL PROFESSIONAL’ Banjo Uke’ (c.1927).

Hi John, Many thanks for making Daz and myself most welcome when we came to visit you last Wednesday. We both had a phenomenal day listening to the many stories you told us, unfortunately the day soon passed and we both wished it could have lasted longer, but, nevertheless we both returned home safely with our minds buzzing. Once again, many thanks for your hospitality. The W/Hall produces an enormous sound, LOVE IT!!!! Best regards from Denver Smith.

From: Fred Pearson (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

John – just received book and am browsing through before full read. What a truly excellent production! Very Many Congratulations – and thanks for the dedication. Will have another chat when I have got more under my belt. Best to you and Mary, Fred.

From: Stuart Boston (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Happy New Year John. Well I’m near enough finished your wonderful book. The wife wouldn’t let me have it until Christmas day so have been beavering away and nearly finished it! Well done, so much information to take in. You did, however mention that you could date a Gibson ukulele banjo by the serial number. Please see attached. I wonder if you can gauge the age of my UB-4 for me, hope you can help.

From: Andrew Bull (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, I don’t think I emailed you since I received your amazing book. I am enjoying it immensely and especially the George section. I was happy to see my name referenced as now owning the Dallas E. You must have updated this very late in your writing, so thank you for that! I never tire of hearing the stories behind the banjo uke and your section about George Harrison was also captivating. Thanks again for a wonderful read and let’s keep in touch. Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best, Andy.

From: Liam O’Keeffe (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

I am now on email and can therefore send a thank you for the prompt delivery of your book 'All About The Banjo Uke'. I have read it through once and found it very interesting and informative. I think anybody with an interest in banjo ukes and their history will enjoy it.... a good reference work on the subject. Also anybody thinking of buying one of the 'big name' vintage banjo ukes should read your book first as there is so much information about the various models from the likes of Gibson Ludwig Abbott etc. Only thing I would like to have seen is a bit more information about some of the more modern makes and makers. But all in all a great read and a book I will dip into regularly. Once again, thank you. Liam O'Keeffe.

From: Debbie Lee (England) Re: Mitchell ‘Monarch’ Banjo Uke (2000).

Hi John, Just a note to say I am absolutely delighted with my Mitchell Monarch - I love it! If you should manage to get your hands on another, please let me know. Love, Debbie.

From: Angus Lamont (Scotland) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hello John, Great seeing you at Blackpool. Just wanted to let you know I have finished reading your fantastic new book (I couldn’t put it down!) and have learned so much more about these great instruments! Great photos and information throughout! I particularly enjoyed your anecdotes about George Harrison and his passion for the banjo uke, and also the history and whereabouts regarding Formby’s ukes. I remember you mentioning that Sam Bass was offered one of George’s ukes but was unable to raise funds and it was either the Dallas C or D. Coincidentally I bought a book on Sam at the previous meeting and there is a photo of him and Pat shows on with George’s Dallas C, which is the uke he was after. I wasn’t sure if you already knew that but it may have answered the question. Anyway, I just thought I’d share my thoughts on this remarkable book! Thanks again and best wishes, Angus.

From: Ian Connor (N. Ireland) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, Just to let you know your book arrived yesterday, thank you very much ! Had a quick look through it last night, very impressed, I'm off to Belfast for a couple of days now, will start digesting it properly when I get back ! All the best, Ian

From: Bernard Gallery (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

John ,as anticipated after seeing it at various stages, your book is (after having read it over a few weeks) first class, and a ‘must have’ for anyone with an interest in the Banjolele. A credit to you, and thanks for your efforts in getting the Book out. A great Christmas present!

From: Jonathan Jewsbury (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hello John, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve finished reading your book this week – I’ve taken it slowly as I wanted to absorb all the new information in it. It’s been a fabulous read and I really loved it. I really enjoyed all the history of the instrument and how you tackled it chronologically. I also enjoyed the “human touch“ where your stories added to the ‘colour’ of the instrument. I’m sure it will end up as the definitive word on Banjo-Ukes! Obviously I particularly enjoyed the chapters on the Ludwig and Gibson instruments. In some ways, one of the big highlights of the book for me was all the photos – printed large and clear. I could happily spend hours looking at them all. The quality of the cover, the binding and the paper itself was also another highlight. I hope your sales are going well. All the best, Jonathan.
PS: I’m having a fabulous time playing the Crown Ludwig - it still feels like a dream and I’m so grateful.
PPS: Just five days after picking it up from you, something amazing happened - but I want to tell you in person in Blackpool!

From: Jeffery Moore (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John , thank you for sending me your book . What a fantastic read, I loved the stories about Ray, and George Harrison. Also the in-depth information about the Ludwig and Gibson Banjo Ukes. Brilliant, well done. I see you have two UB-3’s on your site, have you a price on them yet and does either of them have the snowflakes and diamonds mother of pearl? Thanks Jeff.

From: Phil Moreman (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, I just had to let you know how much I am enjoying your book. Like yourself I was a big Beatles fan and I particularly liked George, and so to read chapter 13 was very interesting. How lucky you were to have known him so well. Kind Regards, Phil.

From: Brian Young (Australia) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

G’day John, Just letting you know that your Book arrived today for which many thanks. By the way, much appreciation for sealing it in bubble wrap before packing in the cardboard box (we have had a serious rain event in Queensland, so you can imagine how relieved I was when I peeled back the damp box to find the book was untouched). What a magnificently presented tome. First impressions - I love the quality of the paper, love the large print, and the large plate photos are beautiful. You must be very proud. Of course, my first thumbing was to find my Bacon. Your descriptions look, of course to be very knowledgeable. I have already enjoyed the George Harrison story. So, I will send this email before I become further immersed. I foresee another banjo uke in my future!! Well done and thank you so much for a remarkable effort.

From: Richard Taylor (England) Re: LUDWIG Banjo Uke (1929) + Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hello John, Just to say thank you for the Ludwig Banjo Uke (1929). It’s absolutely gorgeous and the sound is terrific, I have to agree it is in fabulous condition for its age, I can’t stop looking at it, especially the rare de-luxe resonator.

The added bonus was receiving a copy of your book at the same time, a great read, packed full of knowledge and interesting information. This book is a must for anyone who has an interest in ukes. Best regards, Richard.

From: Terry Raper (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hello John. Your book arrived safe and sound this morning. Lovely book exactly as described. If only all books were of the same quality. All the best, Terry.

From: David Smith (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Dear John, Thanks for phoning me and yesterday I received your book, which was very well packaged. I must congratulate you on a magnificent achievement. The illustrations are just superb and I’m sure I will enjoy many hours of reading and, no doubt, re-reading. I especially appreciate all the information about the Keech Banjulele Banjos as I have a very soft spot for these delightful instruments (I own a few in various states of repair or disrepair). Currently I’m trying to research the UK trade mark and patents. Depending on what I can find I may write something up, though that may turn out to be pie in the sky. Best regards, David.

From: Lewis Clifton (Wales) Re: ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ (De-Luxe) Banjo Uke (c.1973) + Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hello John, Just a quick email to let you now how I’m getting on with the Abbott Monarch De-Luxe. I’ve took it all apart and polished every metal component with Autosol and it’s come up an absolute treat! I’ve adjusted the vellum slightly and fitted some new strings. It’s a pure dream to play! Here’s a link to a video: I’m so pleased with how it sounds, it certainly has that Abbott tone.

As for your new book, what else can I say other than, Wow! In between setting up the Abbott I’ve managed to read a few chapters. It’s so clear that a lot of effort has gone into writing and producing such a professional book. I’ve nicknamed it ‘The Banjolele Bible’! It really is a ‘must have’ for any enthusiast. It’s brilliant to finally have your vast knowledge written and bound so that the history of the instrument is never lost. I really can’t praise it enough. Thanks once again for your time on Sunday, it’s always a pleasure to share your company. I posted the cheque on Monday, so hopefully you’ve received that by the time you read this email.All the best, Lewis.

From: Alison Rigby (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

Hi John, Just to let you know that the book has arrived, Simon opened it earlier this evening and is over the moon with it. The first thing he did was to find the page with a picture of the banjo uke he bought from you and compared it with the original. Many thanks for sending this out so quickly, I really appreciate it. Kind regards.

From: Paul Outlaw (England) Re: Book ‘All About The Banjo Uke’ (2018).

John, The book arrived today, Wednesday. I knew this book would be good value, that’s why I got in early, because I think it will be a best seller.The detail and the coloured illustrations are amazing, I can’t put it down. You have certainly done the ukulele community a great favour in producing this, because I do not know of another one that exists in this detail. Thank you John, what would we do without you, I hope you & your wife have a lovely Christmas, you deserve it. Regards Paul.

From: Jonathan Jewsbury (England) Re: LUDWIG Banjo Uke (1927).

Hello John, I wanted to send you a note just to say THANK YOU - thank you for getting me my dream Banjo-Uke and thank you for thinking of me when you decided to sell it. You’ve actually made a dream come true for me after 41 years. Better go - I have a new book to read too! Thanks again John. Jonathan.

From: Brian Young (Australia) Re: BACON No.2A Banjo Uke (1926).

Hello John, I set my new Jack Jones DVD to pause, to thank you in writing for all your help in my banjolele purchase.

As an Expat in Australia, I felt setting out to buy a banjo uke over the telephone long distance, was always going to be tricky (especially as I didn’t really know what I wanted - just a noise in my head). However, after watching all your Movies on You Tube and having spoken with you, I felt more than content to trust in your advice and judgement. Your also having a stock of instruments which you had inspected, so you could provide me with a more objective view gave me the confidence to proceed. So, I couldn’t happier than to be now ‘owning’ this Bacon 2A. What a beautifully crafted, easy to play instrument with a glorious banjo-like sound; just what I wanted. Everything as promised, thus becoming a fair dinkum love affair. I wish you all the best from Down Under, especially with your new book. Kind regards, Brian Young.

From: Ian Connor (N. Ireland) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1926).

Hi John, The Gibson was delivered at 11.30 , it's absolutely beautiful !  Love it ! Thank you so much .  A pleasure doing business with you.

From: Nigel Kirk (England) Re: DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1939)

Hi John, Just letting you know that the Dallas ‘E’ arrived safely, and I am very pleased with it.

I am planning on wall mounting it on a hangar along side my others, A to D models.

From: David Boxall (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Banjo Uke (1975).

Good evening John. Great to see you again - and I love the Abbott! Please advise as soon as your book is available and please reserve a copy for me. Best regards, David.

From: Terry Raper (England) Re: LUDWIG ‘WENDELL HALL PROFESSIONAL’ Banjo Uke (c.1927) (Enhanced 2018).

Hello John. Eddie Uttley restored Ludwig arrived safe and sound this morning. It's the kiddie. Thank you, Terry.

From: Jonathan Jewsbury (England) Re: DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1939).

Hello John, I just wanted to write and thank you for the Dallas E model that I bought from you at the end of last week. It was exactly as you described it on your website and I am absolutely delighted with it. I can’t believe both it and the case are in such amazingly good condition considering when they were made. Having one of these lovely early gold-plated Dallas’s is a real treat – t hank you again. All the best, Jonathan.

From: Jonathan Jewsbury (England) Re: GREENFIELD ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ COPY Banjo Uke (c.1995).

Dear John, Many thanks for bringing the Greenfield Abbott copy to Blackpool for me this weekend. As you said, it’s lovely and light and has a terrific sound. It’s going to be my take-away instrument for me on my travels and holidays. Its mint condition only makes it more attractive too. Thank you again for supplying me with such a lovely, quality instrument. Kind regards, Jonathan.

From: Jonathan Jewsbury (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Super De-Luxe Banjo Uke (c.1974).

Hello John, Just a note to thank you very much for the Abbott that I bought from you last week. It’s a gorgeous looking instruments and sounds just as good as it looks. I’m having problems stopping playing it at the moment! Thanks also for letting me look at and play two of George Formby’s Gibsons – a real treat and a great privilege. All the best, Jonathan.

From: Steven Smith (England) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Hi John. Have received the banjo uke in great condition thanks to excellent packaging. It feels so different from a modern instrument, in a very good way, I’m almost having to relearn how to play. I shall let you know how I get on. The main thing is that it’s got “the sound “. Very best wishes, Steve.

From: Martin Rudland (England) Re: GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Dear John, I am absolutely delighted with the Gibson UB3. It is a terrific little instrument and a great addition to the collection. My third quality banjo uke from you. Very many thanks once again.


From: Martin Love (Scotland) Re: ‘1001 BANJOS’ by Akira Tsumura (1993).

Hello John, The book arrived at 10.30am this morning. Beautifully packed. I am absolutely delighted with it. It is nothing short of magnificent and thank you for the cards etc. I shall have to figure out the easiest way to read/study it because of the weight/thickness! Once again thank you very much for helping me obtain this copy and paying postage! All the best to you. Martin C. Love.

From: Ian Chisholm (England) Re: DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1942).

John - just a quick note to say the uke arrived safely and I’m delighted with it. It’s exactly as you described and I couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks.

From: Nick Orchard (England) Re: 129 B.M.G. MAGAZINES (1962, and 1964 to 1973).

Dear John, The magazines arrived safe and sound this morning, along with the receipt. Thanks so much. Sorry not to have been around on Monday - occasionally I have to work from home, which has both pros and cons. At any rate, I now have a fantastic amount of bedtime reading. Thanks once again. Nick.

From: Debbie Lee (England) Re: RON BEDDOES ‘NEW CONCERT’ Banjo Uke (c.1979).

Hi John, I am absolutely delighted with the Ron Beddoes New Concert ukulele banjo that I bought from you recently, so much so that I would like to buy another!  I'll be keeping an eye on your website! Thanks John. Kind regards, Debbie.

From: Hilda Southworth and family (England) Re: The Sale of the Alan Southworth Collection

Hello John, Many thanks for your efficiency and courtesy in the sale of Alan’s banjo ukes. He would certainly have been pleased with the outcome. Every good wish. Hilda Southworth and family.

From: Stuart Maxwell (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Banjo Uke (1974).

Hi John, Just wanted to say thanks very much for sending out the wonderful Abbott Jnr uke which I received yesterday. I knew from the pictures that it was going to be special, but it still managed to exceed expectations when I saw it for real. Always a pleasure to deal with you John. Best wishes, Stuart Maxwell.

From: Lester Owen (Czech Republic) Re: ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Banjo Uke (1974).

Hi John , Many many thanks for your `whirlwind ` sale of my Abbot Jr. Ukulele Banjo. It was a clear testament to the respect with which you are held within the Ukulele fraternity. Your knowledge of the instruments and the market, together with your honesty and integrity with which you deal with clients, made the whole process such a pleasurable experience. Best wishes to your continuing and deserved success, Les.

From: Jen Boardman (England) Re: MARKENDALE ‘BIG’ GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (1993).

Dear John, I just wanted to thank you for your time and advice on Wednesday and to say how delighted I am with my purchase. It was very nice to meet you. I am thrilled with the banjulele and hope in time my playing will do it justice. It will be a most treasured instrument. All the best. Kind regards, Jen.

From: Leon Hastwell (England) Re: Long- Scale TENOR UKULELE (c.1930).

Hi John, Thanks for doing the deal with me. Very happy with the gorgeous tenor Uke you have sold me. It's a real beauty. I can certainly say that this one will lead to others! It is a very inspiring instrument - I have worked out several new arrangements this week since owning it. The tenor size and scale seems to suit my guitarists hands much better too. I would certainly be interested in any other special tenor Ukes you happen to get in. A De Vekey Style 3 or Style 4 would be very cool at some point in time. A pre-war Gibson too. Would love a pearly Martin, but they are huge money from what I can tell. Thanks again, and very pleased to have done business with you John. I know where to go if I need strings too. Kind regards, Leon.

From: John Taylor (England) Re: ‘BABY’ ABBOTT Banjo Ukes (c.1979).

Dear John, You have got yet another very happy customer, in fact I just could not be happier. My instruments are fantastic and your honesty and integrity are always completely above board; you really are a grand chap. The whole experience of purchasing my two new instruments from you has been fantastic, for which I thank you. My kindest regards, John.  

From: Steve Tarner (England) Re: JOHN GREY ‘COLOGRAVURE’ Plectrum Banjo (c.1928).

Hi John, Good to meet you and thanks for your time. It's nice to have strummed a couple of George's (George Formby’s) ukes and picked that Gibson (1925 Gibson RB-4) and I'm very pleased with the John Grey. I changed the bridge for an old tenor banjo one and it plays better for me now, plus I'm getting used to the narrow neck. I'm taking it out on Tuesday for a paid gig promoting the Black Mountain Jazz Festival, so will be driving the neighbours mad practising! Regards, Steve.

From: Chris Smith (England) Re: GIBSON UB-4 Banjo Uke (1926).

Hi John, Just to say ‘Thank You’ for a really great instrument. I’ve now got used to the slightly longer scale length and I love it. The sound this banjo uke makes is really fantastic and together with its amazing original condition I couldn’t have bought a better example. Thanks a lot once again -  and I’ll be back to buy something else! All the best, Chris.

From: Richard Taylor (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ DE-LUXE Banjo Uke (September 1974).

Hi John, This is the second Abbott I have bought from you; as usual when I opened the! Have to say I am so pleased and honoured to own one of Alan Southworth's treasured instruments. Alan was very kind to me a few years back when I first started my interest in banjo ukuleles. I bought a Dallas ‘E’ from him. John, I think this is one of the best looking Abbott’s I've seen and the sound is fab. Absolutely delighted with it! Kindest regards, Richard.

From: Anthony Stanton (England) Re: ‘BIG’ GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (1937).

A wonderful instrument, and exactly as described.Very well packed. Thanks for a "Complete" service all round John. Regards, Anthony.

From: Jim Hood (England) Re: C. F. MARTIN & Co. Style 2 Soprano Ukulele (c.1946)

Another superb instrument and 100% as quoted. The Uke was extremely well packed and arrived safely. No-one could ask for better all-round service. Best wishes once again, Jim.

From: Jim Hood (England) Re: PARAMOUNT Style ‘E’ Tenor Banjo (1924).

A great instrument from a great bloke. Best wishes, Jim.

From: Angela Owen (England) Re: Sale of Two ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Banjo Ukes (c.1973 & 1974).

Dear John, Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the sale of my two Monarch ukes and so pleased you found good homes for them both, as they were as you know, very precious items to me. I would advise anyone to use your services, you were so helpful, informative and reassuring throughout the transactions and you really put my mind at rest that I was doing the right thing. I can't thank you enough for making this a happy and positive experience for me. Kind regards, Angela.

From: Jim Pomfret (England) Re: RON BEDDOES ‘NEW CONCERT’ Banjo Uke (c.1979).

Hi John, May I thank you so much for your warm hospitality to my wife and I when we came to your lovely home. The uke was exactly what I wanted and in fab condition, and I certainly learned lots about banjo ukes. I can’t wait until your book comes out, and I would recommend anyone to your site. Thank you so much. Jim Pomfret.

From: Andy Watson (England) Re: Soprano Ukulele (c.2005).

Dear John, Just to let you that I am very pleased with my purchase of the soprano ukulele which was true to description and arrived at the expected delivery date and time as advised by yourself. I purchased two ukuleles from you in 2014 and was equally satisfied with the goods and service. I would not hesitate to buy from you again in the future. Kind regards, Andy.

From: Keith (and Jane) Millington (England) Re: DALLAS ‘D’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1947).

Hi John, Just a line to say thank you for your hospitality when I collected the Dallas D. I appreciated the fact that you pointed out the very small amount of wear and all the information you gave me. I am extremely pleased with the instrument and it is just as your write-up described. The sound is just as I expected , and hopefully with a lot of practice I will be able to do it justice.

On a more personal note it was great chatting to you about your experiences and thank you for showing us your beautiful instruments. Especially letting me see and even play (although very crudely) your George Formby Gibson. It was only on the way home that it suddenly hit me that I had actually played one of George's ukes, and only wished I had thought to have a photo taken with it. It really made my day. Kind regards, Keith and Jane.

From: John Toft (England) Re: MARKENDALE LUDWIG COPY Long-Scale Banjo Uke (c.1998).

Hi John, I know sound is a very subjective thing, but this uke is one of the best I have ever heard and is so easy to play with its slightly longer scale length. Once again many thanks to you and your website. Best wishes, John Toft.

From: Terry Raper (England) Re: SHELLARD ‘Pearl’ Super Supreme Banjo Uke (c.1973).

Hello John. Shellard banjo uke arrived safe and sound this morning. Absolute beauty and one of the best banjo ukes I have ever owned. I could not be more pleased. Thank you. Terry.

From: David Griffiths-Parry (England) Re: JOHN GREY ‘COLOGRAVURE’ Banjo Uke (c.1929) & GIBSON UB-1 Banjo Uke (c.1926).

Hi John, Just a few words to thank you for your prompt action in delivering the John Grey and Gibson Banjo Ukes. From request date to delivery was about seven days, which is not bad. Delivery schedule was as expected, without undue delay or interruption. Packaging was superb, no damage in transit. Delighted with both instruments (I’ve got two of everything!). I will recommend your overall service to anyone considering buying Ukes, Banjo Ukes and related accessories. Kind regards, David.

From: Martin Rudland (England) Re: DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1941).

Dear John, What can I say? It's magnificent. I love it to bits. Thank you for all your help! Martin.

From: Eva Ohman-Bass (England) Re: Completed sale of her husband’s collection of instruments.

Dear John, A huge Thank you for all your help to sell Leslie's collection of instruments. I have really appreciated all your advice and expert knowledge and I really trusted you completely. I wish you all the best in your retirement. Does this mean that you are closing your business or leaving it open as a hobby. I wonder? Wishing you and Mary all the best for the future. Kind regards Eva Ohman-Bass.

[Eva, thanks for your kind email which is very much appreciated. I am delighted to report that whilst I have retired from my career in Teaching, my website at continues to thrive and will (hopefully) do so for many years to come. Kindest regards and very best wishes, John Croft].

From: Richard Smith (England) Re: C. F. MARTIN & Co. Style D-42 Acoustic Guitar (2001).

Hi John, The time flew by chatting with you regarding string instruments and drinking tea. I had a great time and also purchasing the Martin D-42 which received a new set of strings once I returned home. The sound is deep and resonant and had me drooling, a great buy. If I lived closer I would be popping in chewing the fat on a regular basis, so lucky for you I don’t. Cheers, Richard Smith.

From: Terry Raper (England) Re: CARTWRIGHT ‘De Luxe’ Banjo Uke (c.1999).

Another excellent banjo ukulele from Mr Croft. Best wishes, Terry.

From: Richard Taylor (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘Monarch’ Banjo Uke (1973).

Hi John, I just want to say thank you for all the times I've phoned you over the last few years for tips etc. You've always been polite and so helpful. At last I bought an Abbott banjo uke from you and I am absolutely ‘over the moon' with it, what a lovely instrument, the condition is fabulous and just as you described. It's sounds and plays lovely. Absolutely delighted. Thank You! Best regards Richard.

From: Geoff Pearson (England) Re: LUDWIG ‘Wendell Hall Professional’ Banjo Uke (c.1927) (C).

Hi John, Thanks for the new Banjo-uke. Arrived safe and sound and exceeded my hope of condition and playability. Sound is terrific. This is now my 3rd Banjo-uke from you and all have been in excellent condition and playability. Hoping to make it 4 with a Crown Ludwig in future. Best regards, Geoff.

From: Jonathan Jewsbury (England) Re: LUDWIG ‘Wendell Hall Professional’ Banjo Uke (c.1927) (A).

Hi John, I just wanted to send you an email thanks for the gold-plated Ludwig Wendell Hall Banjo-Uke I bought from you on Tuesday. I've spent a lot of today playing it and it just sounds fantastic. I'm really looking forward to it having the neck lowered too which should make it even easier to play. It's a great instrument to play, looks fabulous and we very much enjoyed our time with you yesterday. Please do keep me in mind if you come across a Crown Ludwig or do decide to sell one of yours. All the best, Jonathan.

From: John Burnett (England) Re: WINDSOR ‘WHIRLE’ No.7 Banjo Uke (c.1929).

Hi John, the ‘Whirle’ is great, just as you described. Really enjoying it. Regards, John Burnett.

From: Anastasios Moutoupas (Germany) Re: STROMBERG-VOISINET Banjo Uke (c.1928).

Hi John, With great surprise I received the banjolele today afternoon! In two days the ukulele was here, these guys are really fast! Anyway, after an excessive playing of about 5 hours (with small breaks in between) I can surely say that this ukulele is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The tone is really good, in fact this is the tone I was looking for when I decided to buy this banjo ukulele. The action is really good and it such a fun to play with it! I really can't say with words how happy I am about this small gem! To sum up: communication couldn't be better, the delivery was really fast and the instrument was well packed, everything about it was as you described it in your web page and your emails... in other words, it was such a pleasure dealing with you and of course I would be happy to buy my next ukulele from you in the future! Thanks again for everything John and I will also leave a comment in your web page about this purchase. Best regards, Anastasios Moutoupas.

From: John Burnett (England) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1926).

Hi John, Gibson arrived safe and sound lovely instrument just as described , My wife could not be more delighted thanks. Regards, John Burnett.

From: Sue Burrell (England) Re: JOHN GREY & SONS ‘ROY SMECK SUPER MODEL’ Banjo Uke (c.1928).

It has arrived and I LOVE it. Thank you. It has a lovely tone and action and I am now going to practice, practice, practice until I am good enough for the instrument. Best wishes, Sue Burrell.

From: Neville Sarony QC (Hong Kong) Re: DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1957).

Dear John, The parcel arrived safely yesterday, thank you and thank you for the GF book too! Now I have to start being a bit more serious about playing it. Best wishes, Neville.

From: Peter Chilvers (England) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Hello John, You will be very pleased to hear that my ukulele arrived safe and sound this morning around nine o'clock! Very well packaged and in perfect condition. You asked my opinion on the instrument, the first thing I noticed was the lovely tight vellum, tapping my finger on this was like snapping a rich tea biscuit lol. I have been using Aquila strings recently, they are fairly rigid and I found the strings on my UB-2 seemed to have more give in them. I wonder what make they are? And if there is any particular brand you would suggest for the Gibson? I have given it quite a reasonable test drive tonight and am now used to the strings and the ukulele is easy to hold and great to play. It has a really clear bright tone and more than enough volume. I must thank you for keeping me so well informed during our transaction, it has been very reassuring and of course thank you for the excellent service you have provided. I am very happy with the instrument! Thanks again, Peter Chilvers.

From: Tony Baker (England) Re: BELTONA ‘BLUE UKE No.1’ Concert Ukulele (2013).

Hi John, I thought you would like to know that the parcel has arrived safely and thanks to your excellent packaging the ukulele is "as sent". I'm very pleased with it, nice and loud which will suit the more bluesy songs I'm going to play on it. Many thanks for your time and trouble. Regards,Tony.

From: Paul Alcantara (England) Re: LUDWIG Banjo Uke (1928).

Hi John, Thanks for the splendid new addition to my growing family of ukulele banjos! I’m tempted to say that with this latest acquisition my collection is complete but I know from past experience that such pronouncements are usually (in my case anyway) short-lived! Kind regards and thanks again, Paul.

From: Terry Raper (England) Re: RON BEDDOES ‘NEW CONCERT’ Banjo Uke (c.1976).

Hello John. My purchase of Ron Beddoes New Concert ukulele banjo arrived safely this morning thanks to the first class packaging. Could not be more pleased with the uke and the ease of buying same. A real pleasure doing business with you. Best regards, Terry.

From: Paul Alcantara (England) Re: ‘Big resonator’ GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

My ‘Big resonator’ UB-3 arrived today. This is the third banjo uke I’ve bought from John and the warning lights are starting to flash! As one all too familiar with GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) I’m perilously close to heading in the same direction with ukuleles. Be warned, it’s a slippery slope! Regards, Paul.

From: David Jason Long (England) Re: GIBSON UB-1 (c.1927) & WILDCAT ‘CIGAR BOX’ Soprano Ukulele (2015).

Evening John, I arrived home this evening to be greeted with two parcels which were very well wrapped. Once opened the wild cat cigar box uke is an amazing work of art & sounded great, but the Baby Gibson has a truly wonderful tone I am over the moon with both the ukuleles. I can't believe how amazing the UB-1 sounds in comparison to the UB-2 that I have. Very happy. Cheers John, Jay.

From: Len Brown (Scotland) Re: MELE Soprano Ukulele (2003).

Hi John, Uke arrived today and I've hardly put it down! Great wee thing, lovely sound and nicely finished. Very pleased. The collection begins! Best regards, Len.

From: Valéry Sauvage (France) Re: C. F. MARTIN & Co. Style 1K Taro-Patch (c.1927).

Hi John, The uke arrived safe this morning. I will change strings as soon as possible as the one on it are too old and I also will ask a luthier about the splits and also the bridge that seems to be unglued on some place in the back. But nothing terrible, quite normal on such an old instrument. Needs some more care due to the age. I have another very old Martin, a "pre-series" of soprano 1k from about 1918 or 1919, with boxwood nuts and friction tuners (the series started in 1920 and had ebony nuts and wooden pegs). Thanks again for everything. Best regards, Valéry.

From: Jim Noble (England) Re: The MICHIGAN Soprano Ukulele (c.1943).

Hi John, Just a quick mail to say thank you for the Uke. It arrived safely on Thursday. I've put some Worth brown strings on it and it sounds even more lovely than it did when it arrived. As it turned out I had remembered it as more scratched than it actually is, so I won't need to mess about with it at all. I shall look forward to seeing you at Digswell in October. Anna and I are currently working on a version of 'Taint no sin'. Maybe we'll do a rendition of that on the new uke next time around. In the meantime, have a great summer. Jim.

From: Angela Kennedy (England) Re: DALLAS ‘C’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1958).

Hi John, Apologies for the late feedback, getting manic here! Thank you for my lovely Dallas C Banjo Ukelele c.1958. As per usual your photos and description on your website are spot on as it is in excellent condition and is so nice to play. I am looking forward to many hours of strumming! Many thanks, Ange.

From: Mary Harding (Marbury W.I. England) Re: Marbury W.I. Guest Speaker (April 14th, 2015).

John, Thank you for the entertainment last night at our Marbury W.I. Birthday Meeting. You were a real hit from the oldest to the youngest, the youngest now wants a ukulele to play and sing to, can't speak for the eldest though… . Seriously, we did enjoy the evening very much and hope you did also. Thank you again for coming. Kindest regards, Mary.

From: Paul Alcantara (England) Re: DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke (1939).

Hi John, Thanks for the lovely Dallas ‘E’ Model banjo ukulele. My UB-5 now has a pal to keep it company! All I need now is a Ludwig and Abbott to complete the set… Paul Alcantara (Paul is a Freelance Journalist who has written on vintage instruments for various publications).

From: George Flink (USA) Re: GIBSON UB-4 Banjo Uke (1926).

Hi John, I wanted to thank you for connecting me up with Bob Jones. I just received his UB-4 today and its a real gem. I also was able to sell my UB2/3 deluxe on Andy's site. So thanks again. Regards, George.

From: Christopher Napier (England) Re: RON BEDDOES ‘ALAN RANDALL’ Gibson Style Banjo Uke (c.1976).

Hello John; Following on from the convention this weekend, I thought I'd just email saying how delighted I am with the Ron Beddoes ukulele. The sound is superb and the quality of the instrument is excellent. I had been looking around for a couple of months and am glad to say that my patience paid off with this purchase. Thanks again and all the best; Chris Napier.

From: Brian Gibbs (England) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Hi John; Just to say I am delighted with the Gibson UB-2 that I purchased from you last Thursday, it really is a little beauty. But more than that it was a pleasure to spend time with you playing and admiring your great collection of instruments, catalogues and books in the comfort of your lovely home. Your enthusiasm and knowledge for not just the banjo ukulele and Formby, but all things musical, is inspiring. Thank you again for a great instrument and a great day. Kindest regards, Brian Gibbs.

From: Pierre Procès (Belgium) Re: LUDWIG Wendell Hall Professional Model Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Hi John; Thank you for this information! I received the Ludwig yesterday (around 11 am). There was no problem with the delivery, except that I checked the ParcelForce website in the morning and it wasn't written that it would be soon delivered (so I was a bit surprised...). The instrument is a bit smaller and heavier than I thought it was, so it fits well in the hand. After having playing a bit, it doesn't seem to go quickly out tune. And overall, as you said, it sounds really fantastic!

I'm really happy with this purchase! Kind regards, Pierre.

From: Angela & Graham Kennedy (England) Re: KEECH Style ‘C’ Long Scale Tenor Ukulele (c.1927) & Two MELE Ukuleles (both c.2004).

Hi John; We are so pleased with our purchases of the Keech tenor and Mele ukuleles! Thank you once again for spending so much time with us and showing us all of your ukuleles including your banjo ukes. Your ukulele knowledge has no limits! No doubt we'll be seeing you again! Many thanks. Ange and Graham.

From: John Kergon (England) Re: LUDWIG Wendell Hall Professional Model Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Very much enjoyed my visit on Friday and appreciated you spending time with me to discuss matters banjolele. I will long treasure the experience of having had the pleasure of strumming your beautiful gold plated Ludwig - - it doesn't get any better than that. I am thrilled to bits with my new Wendell Hall Pro. It is in fabulous condition, effortless to play and sounds great. The bonus is its original KantKrack case which is also in mint condition. I really don't care if I get snowed in now for the next three months, I'll just carry on strumming. Kindest Regards, John.

From: Jim Ward (England) Re: Big Resonator GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke, DALLAS ‘D’ MODEL and DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Ukes.

Hi John; Just a note to say how much I enjoy my visit to your home to see your banjo ukes, and my purchase of the Big Gibson UB-3 banjo uke and of course the two Dallas models - the ‘D’ and the ‘E’. Many thanks for your advice and knowledge and standard of service and integrity. The ukes play fantastic and are as advertised on your site. When I buy my next uke I will give you a call. Kind regards, Jim.

From: Ian Graham (England) Re: ANTONIO CARVALHO Soprano Ukulele (c.2003).

Hi John; Many thanks for my lovely uke - worth every penny. It’s the third purchase from you and as always great to deal with & excellent service. One of life’s gentleman. All the very best John. Ian Graham.

From: Gary Earlam (England) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (1925/26).

Hi John; Got the uke this morning. Very pleased with it, it's just as you described. Thanks, Gary.

From: David Roux (England) Re: GIBSON ‘TG-0’ Flat Top Tenor Guitar (c.1936).

Hi John - just a note to say how grateful I am for the Gibson tenor guitar. A great sound from a lovely old instrument! It's been a pleasure dealing with you - a really good service. Regards; David.

From: Emil Cost (USA) Re: DALLAS ‘B’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1958).

John; Today the little baby arrived. I spent the entire afternoon kitching and cooing it! What a very nice purchase I made, especially dealing with you, a very fine gentleman and businessman, The Ukuleleman. Everything about it is as you said. Forgive the following imaginary press release:

‘News out of the Kingdom of Ukeland has it that the King has finally received his long-awaited addition to the royal collection. After three agonizing days of pacing the floor waiting for news of the tracking information, King Emil and the Queen Elaine witnessed the postage courier's knock at the imperial gate. The opening ceremony of the clearly labelled "Fragile" shipping carton was applauded by the royal security staff. The King has declared a nation holiday when he has practiced his favourite tune, "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie". Further, a proclamation announcing the knighthood of Mr. John Croft has been sent to the royal printers, to the attention of the King’s son, Professor Frank Cost, R I T, Rochester, NY. Best regards for a job well done. The King of Ukeland.’

From: Immanuel Litzroth (Belgium) Re: SHELLARD ‘Pearl Super Supreme’ Banjo Uke (c.1977).

Hi John; I've just received the Shellard, and I really like the instrument. This is the second instrument I receive from you in excellent condition, very playable and producing an excellent sound. I'm a happy customer, and we certainly will do business again as I move up the ladder to a Gibson instrument. Best Wishes, Immanuel.

From: John Kergon (England) Re: DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1939).

Hi John; Just a note to say how much I enjoyed my visit to your home today and how much I appreciated your kind hospitality. I am very pleased with my second Dallas E. Please reassure Sean that it is in good hands and that I will take good care of it. Practice starts tomorrow! On your advice I took the lovely route home via Ellesmere and Whitchurch and with Elgar's Enigma Variations on CD it was absolute bliss. Look forward to meeting up with you at Blackpool in November. Kind Regards, John.

From: Derek Lowbridge (England) Re: Pre-war ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Copy Banjo Uke (c.2011).

Hi John; Just a quick note to thank you for a great banjo ukulele and also your kind hospitality on Saturday (kept the Wife awake for hours Saturday evening when I got home). I'll come and have some more strings off you at some point, and I know where to look for my next instrument purchase. Again, Many Thanks; Derek Lowbridge.

From: Michael Clark (England) Re: DAVIDSON Soprano Ukulele (2013) (B).

Hi John; I have enjoyed an afternoon with my new uke and I couldn't be happier. The chosen woods are gorgeous, the craftsmanship is like nothing I have seen, and the sound makes you want to play it all day. I like the tiny end pin allowing a strap. Please keep me updated when you have a Davidson (Gibson style) banjo uke. All the best; Mike.

From: Steve Wilson (England) Re: DALLAS ‘D’ Model Banjo Uke (c.1940).

Hi John; It was great to see you again today, thanks for the hospitality, the uke stories and the tea! The Dallas D certainly looks and sounds fantastic. Kind regards; Steve.

From: Wyn Lewis (Wales) Re: DAVIDSON Soprano Ukulele (2013) (A).

Hello John; Just a courtesy message really to say that Rachel was blown away when she opened the Davidson Ukulele case. She is delighted with it. Regards, Wyn.

From: Immanuel Litzroth (Belgium) Re: DALLAS ‘D’ MODEL Banjo Uke (B) (c.1939).

Hi John; The instrument arrived here in prime condition and plays really well! Kind regards; Immanuel.

From: Simon Collier (England) Re: GHS Ukulele Strings (Plain Nylon).

Dear Mr. Croft; Please could you send me 3 sets of GHS Ukulele Strings. I ordered some from you in January and was very impressed. Thanks You. Simon Collier.

From: David Smith (Scotland) Re: CARTWRIGHT Gold-Plated Banjo Uke (c.2010).

Hi John, The uke arrived early this morning. Thank you for the fast delivery, very happy with my purchase - asset to my small collection. Thanks once again. David.

From: Jonathan Jewsbury (England) Re: (The late) Alan Randall’s DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke & GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Hello John; Many thanks indeed for the two Banjo Ukes I bought from you on Saturday. I am over the moon with them. I am delighted with Alan Randall's Dallas ‘E’ model - I've never heard a Dallas sound as good! I'll treasure that instrument. And the Gibson UB-3 is the perfect partner to my 'big resonator' one too - and the 'sunburst' effect is just as I'd hoped. Many thanks again, Jonathan.

From: Paul Nadin-Salter (England) Re: DALLAS ‘C’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1958).

Hi, and thanks for today. Grace loves it and is highly delighted. Now I have have to stop thinking about the Martin!! Regards; Paul.

From: Jodie Brough (Australia) Re: LA FOLEY Soprano Ukulele (c.1926).

Hi John ; The uke arrived yesterday safe and sound and it is a delight. I put Worth Brown strings on it that seem to be a good match for its sweet sadness. It's very different to my other ukes, notably more compact than the Americans and genuinely sounds best ADF#B - it has been absolutely singing tonight as the strings settle in. I can see I am going to be spending some wonderful hours getting to know it. Thanks again; Jodie.

From: Jonathan Jewsbury (England) Re: ‘Big’ GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Dear John, Thank you so much for selling me the Gibson UB-3 yesterday – it was a real dream come true and I can’t believe it sounds so good. I’ve wanted to own one of those since my teenage years! It was really lovely to meet you and your wife for those couple of hours yesterday and we are both grateful for your generosity with your time. It was such a treat to sit and talk, see the amazing amount of birds and in particular to see your dream collection of Banjo-Ukes. I still can’t believe I got to play an Abbott and both nickel and gold Crown Ludwigs – that was such a thrill – thank you. You were quite right about the feeling of excitement in coming to own a Gibson too – I woke at 12.12am. this morning and 4.14am. too thinking about it. I could hardly wait to get up today and my school preparation is suffering as I seem unable to put it down!!! Many thanks again indeed from us both, but me in particular, Jonathan.

From: Mike Eynon (England) Re: KAMAKA HF-1 Soprano Ukulele (2008).

Hi John; The ukulele arrived safely this morning and is fabulous! Thank you very much. I shall recommend you to other ukulele enthusiasts, and will be buying from you in the future. I have also been reading other parts of your site and found the part about George Harrison fascinating. He is still a big inspiration to me playing the ukulele. When I play Here Comes The Sun it feels as if he wrote the chord progression G, Emsus4, Gsus2, Gadd9sus4, Gsus2, D. On the ukulele as it falls so naturally under your fingertips. Hope to keep in contact. Thanks again. Mike.

From: Juha Huhtanen (Finland) Re: C. F. MARTIN & Co. Style 3M Soprano Ukulele (c.1940).

Hi John! It is here. Everything went fine with delivery and uke is sound and safe. But most of all it is gorgeous! It sounds like heaven to my ears. It is just more than I wish it would be. Thank you once again. Oh, and I love the case. Best regards, Juha.

From: Kenny Martyn (France) Re: ‘Big’ GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Hello John; ...... It was great to meet you and we are delighted with the new uke. Sincere thanks; Kenny Martyn.

From: Andy Eastwood (England) Re: C. F. MARTIN & Co. Style 1 Soprano Ukulele (c.1933). .....Very pleased with the Martin, thanks. Going to try the black strings on it now.

......Tried the black strings on the Martin, and ended up putting 2 of  the white ones back. Retained the 1st, moved the 2nd to 3rd and used black for 4 and 2... thus slightly thinner/lighter feel, which I like. Not sounding quite as bright as my 20's style 1, but not far off. Needs a bit of playing in I think - it's like new. Very pleased with it!

From: Chris Ladbrooke (England) Re: BACON & DAY ‘Silver Bell’ Style 3A Banjo Uke (1928).

Hi John; I'm extremely pleased with the Bacon & Day Ukulele that I recently purchased from you. The Ukulele is in excellent condition and exactly as described in the comprehensive details and high quality photos on your website. I would recommend you, unreservedly, to anyone interested in purchasing a high quality ukulele. Thank you for your high standard of service, impeccable integrity, and infectious enthusiasm ! Increasingly rare qualities these days. I'll certainly be in touch when I’m looking for my next ukulele. Many thanks and kind regards; Chris Ladbrooke.

From: Giles Amos (England) Re: ‘Big’ GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1929).

John, I saw my banjo uke for the first time today (I've been travelling). It looks and sounds great. Many thanks; Giles.

From: Paul Ratcliffe (England) Re: DALLAS ‘C’ MODEL Banjo Uke (A) (c.1946).

Hi John; Thank you so much for guiding me through my first Banjolele purchase, a 1946 Dallas C, a beautiful instrument. It was very interesting listening to your knowledge and advice gained over the years. Since our meeting just over a week ago I have joined a club in Wolverhampton to learn how to play, and already I have made some good friends. My little Dallas has already been played by Matthew Richards and a young man named Cameron (who was amazing) and it sounded brilliant. Thank you again, John; and if I ever learn to play and need an upgrade I shall give you a call. Kind Regards; Paul Ratcliffe.

From: Keith Ryder-West (England) Re: LA FOLEY Soprano Ukulele (1) (c.1926).

John; I've been so busy since I got back from holiday that I haven't yet thanked you for the La Foley ukulele which you sent out to me at the beginning of June. I'm really enjoying it and have just made a youtube video which might help folk who are interested in the La Foley which you still have for sale. I can't do it justice yet with my level of playing but I think I would have found it useful to hear one being played (however badly) when I was thinking about buying. Kind Regards; Keith Ryder-West.

From: George Flink (USA) Re: DAVIDSON Banjo Uke (2013).

Hi John; The uke arrived here today, safely. Its VERY NICE. Thank you. Regards; George.

From: Peter Riley (England) Re: GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1927).

Hello John; I have received my uke, all in good order. It plays very nicely and sounds great. Thank you very much; Peter.

Ratcliffe (England) Re: LUDWIG Banjo Uke (c.1927) made by the company for WENDELL HALL himself.

Hi John; I do appreciate this for you giving me the chance to purchase Wendell Hall's Ludwig from yourself, it's a fantastic instrument and I love it (she's me new baby). Kind regards; Malcolm.

From: Jamie Archer (England) Re: LUDWIG ‘Display Model’ Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Hi John; Just to let you know I have just got the Ludwig back from Eddie and it sounds amazing. Thank you for finding it for me and for all your continued advice. Best Wishes; Jamie.

From: Mike Edwards (North Wales) Re: DALLAS ‘C’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1961)

Hello John; Just a quick message to say thank you for the uke. It really does play excellently and I can see I will have a lot of enjoyment from it. Yours; Mike Edwards.

From: Paul Alcantara (England) Re: GIBSON UB-5 Banjo Uke (1927)

After a year long search for the 'right' banjo uke, John Croft has helped me find the stunning Gibson UB-5 that's now sits alongside my prewar Martin 2M and 3K ukes. Built in the late 1920's, the UB-5 is in fabulous condition and sounds every bit as good as it looks! It was well worth the wait and I'm glad that I didn't settle for anything less. Thanks again for your help John and rest assured that the UB-5 has gone to a good home. Paul Alcantara.

(Paul is a Freelance Journalist who has written on vintage instruments for various publications.)

From: Ken Haden (France) Re: DALLAS ‘D’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1942)

Hi John; Ukulele arrived here about an hour ago, delighted, it is just as described. The packaging was a work of art and the box arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for all your help and if you don’t mind I will keep in touch occasionally. Perhaps when I am a little more proficient I will come over and attend one of the Ukulele Organisations events. Thanks again. Kind regards; Ken Haden.

From: Tony Boland (Ireland) Re: Replacement Leather Case Handle

Dear John; Thank you so much for the leather replacement handle for my Martin 3M case, its perfect fit! It looks and feels the way it should. Your instructions were concise and clear. Thanks also for the set of strings. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to chatting with you again. Warm regards, Tony.

From: Mark Evans (Thailand) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Many thanks for the ukulele which has been safely delivered. I'll be collecting it from my sister's once I'm back in Europe. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I may well be back for more in the not too distant future! Best regards, Mark.

From: Richard May (England) Re: DALLAS ‘C’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1943)

Hi John; The uke turned up today and we are very pleased with it. The wife was over the moon so I think I did the right thing. It does sound very nice. Thank you very much. Kind regards; Rich.

From: Kate Howard (Scotland - Isle of Skye) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Hello John; Just unpacked the Gibson, what can I say? It is totally superb and I am blown away by the tone. Thank you for packing it up so securely and for providing a lovely new case. I'm just letting it warm up a little before I tune it, although it isn't too bad. I really am over the moon - you have made my day. Having been used to my wee Dallas ‘A’, I feel certain that my playing will now come on in leaps and bounds with such a quality instrument in my hands. 1927 is a long time ago but I wonder whether any past GFS members have owned my little beauty at some time? Caroline has Jack Jones's UB3 and I am hoping to have a play on that if she brings it in June. Hopefully you will be able to say a 'hello' again to it in June - I will pop into the sales area and seek you out! Many thanks again - lovely to do business with you. Best Regards; Kate.

From: Graham Niall (England) Re: GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Hi John; The Gibson UB-3 arrived safely yesterday just as you promised and what a little gem it is - nice tobacco sunburst finish and it sounds great, with that unmistakable Gibson UB sound - a great purchase. Thanks John - Graham Niall, Rye, East Sussex.

From: Lewis Clifton (Wales) Re: ABBOTT ‘Monarch’ Banjo Uke (c.1931)

Sorry about the wait John, I've had a week jam packed with GCSE Exams. But, as promised, I'm enclosing some photographs of the Abbott. (I'll have to do it as a series of emails). In the time I had last week the Abbott was always in my hand! Its a great uke, with a brilliant sound! (also I'm sending you a link to the video I uploaded of it to YouTube). As promised, once Eddie Uttley has finished restoring it, I'll send you another set of pictures. Thanks. Lewis.

From: Patrick Ross (Scotland) Re: DALLAS ‘B’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1939) (B1)

Hi there John; The Dallas ‘B’ Banjo Uke arrived just before lunch today and I have to say I am overjoyed with it. The Instrument is in splendid condition as per your description and it plays ever so sweetly. It was Lewis B Clifton who recommended you on ‘YouTube’ and I am grateful to him for this advice. From the outset John you have been totally professional in every part of the sale, from a courtesy call on receiving my order right through to advising details of delivery inc. tracking etc. Thanks once more and I look forward to upgrading from you in the not too distant future. Kind regards; Patrick Ross.

From: Mike Haynes (England) Re: OSCAR SCHMIDT ‘SOVEREIGN’ De-Luxe Banjo Uke (c.1928)

Hi John; Just a "Thank You" for guiding me through your selection of Banjo Ukes this morning. I found it most interesting and I am exceptionally pleased with my purchase of the Oscar Schmidt Sovereign. I hope to do business with you again in the future and will look out for you at a G.F. convention. Thank you for the "cuppa!!" Kind regards; Mike Haynes and Patricia.

From: Sarah Clarke (England) Re: RON BEDDOES ‘Big Gibson Style’ Banjo Uke (c.1977)

Hi John; Sorry for the delayed reply! My son loves the uke, he's really pleased with it. He can't wait to show it off at our next GFS meeting. Many thanks; Sarah.

From: Stephen Gallichan (England) Re: C. F. MARTIN & Co. Style 3K Soprano Ukulele (c.1927)

Hello John; I hope you had a really nice Christmas. I have had a chance to get to know my recent purchase (Martin 3K), and I must say I am really pleased with it, it sounds sweet and looks great. I spent today tidying up a few bits and it looks even better! I will send you some photos if you are interested. Have a great new year. All the best; Steve.

From: Graham Niall (England) Re: BACON No.1 Banjo Uke (1937)

Hi John; Thanks for all your help regarding choosing a Ukulele - the Bacon No.1 arrived as you promised on Tuesday morning and it is all you claimed it to be, beautiful workmanship, sounds great and plays really well - also it tunes well in "C" - so I now have a Uke in "D" and one in "C". Even my wife thinks it looks great - it's just the sound that she is not so keen on. Thanks again. Best Regards; Graham Niall.

From: Cliff Pickersgill (England) Re: CARTWRIGHT ‘Baby Gibson’ Style Banjo Uke (c.2006)

Hi John; I'm pleased to report the safe arrival of the Cartwright - and to say that it is, quite simply, superb. Many thanks for the opportunity to acquire such a lovely instrument. Kind regards; Cliff.

From: Henry Hunter (England) Re: DALLAS ‘B’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1940)

Hi John; The Dallas B arrived safely yesterday morning. It’s a delightful little ukulele banjo with a great tone, I’ve hardly been able to put it down since receiving it. Many thanks for making the purchase so quick and hassle free. Regards; Henry Hunter.

From: Jamie Archer (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Hi John; Great to meet up the other day, I enjoyed chatting over a cuppa. What can I say about the ‘Abbott’, it really is the greatest plonker of them all’; no wonder George Formby described it as his ‘little strad’! The uke looks just like George’s and has that distinctive beautiful sound made famous by the great man himself. Thank you very much for bringing it up as well as your advice on my other ukes. Hope to see you again at one of the conventions! Best wishes; Jamie.

[Thanks, Jamie; that’s very kind of you. Just for the record, there is no evidence whatsoever for George Formby ever having used the phrase ‘little strad’ to describe his Abbott ‘Monarch’ or indeed any other of his instruments. This phrase was invented purely for the auction of Formby’s Abbott ‘Monarch’ at Bonham’s in London in 2008. Ed.]

From: Richard Smith (England) Re: BACON NO.1. Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Dear John; Just to say many thanks for your help and advice and cups of tea over the many months which culminated in me buying the Bacon No.1. I am delighted with the instrument and hope I can become the player it deserves. Kind regards; Richard Smith.

From: John Toft (England) Re: GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Hi, John; Just a quick word to thank you for the Gibson UB-2. Very easy to play with a great action and a lovely crisp sound. Do you have a preferred supplier for a strong fabric case? I thought an old mandolin case I have may fit, but it is not quite deep enough in clearance for the uke to fit in. Please let me know if you do get an original Ludwig Wendell Hall model in - I may be tempted! All the very best, bye for now; John Toft.

From: Gordon Vaughan (England) Re: DALLAS ‘C’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1963)

Hi John; Thanks very much for making me so welcome on my two visits to your lovely part of the world. I am very pleased with my Dallas and on your advice have tuned it up a couple of times, after you kindly re-strung it for me. My wife is not so pleased with my initial attempts to play a couple of chords and I am thinking of buying a VW Camper Van as a retreat!!!! Thanks again for all your advice and assistance over the past couple of weeks. Regards; Gordon.

From: Neil Marchant (England) Re: DALLAS ‘D’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1938)

Hi John; Just wanted to say that I’m really pleased with the recently purchased Dallas D! It was exactly as described on your web site and just what I was looking for. I also had a great time admiring your other ukes and really appreciate you taking the time to show them to me. This may become a more expensive hobby in the future!! Kind regards; Neil Marchant.

From: Brian (& Pauline) Corcoran (England) Re: BACON ‘No.1’ Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Hi John; Nice meeting you last Thursday. Thanks for your time and good advice in helping to make the right choice of uke for ME! The uke looks good,plays well, and sounds great. I would recommend anyone who needs good advice in finding the right uke  to contact yourself with absolute confidence. Hope to see you again soon. Best Wishes; Brian and Pauline.

From: Cliff Pickersgill (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Hi John; Just a note to confirm the safe arrival of the Abbott this morning. What a little gem - it's in super condition and has a lovely sound. It is aptly named as the king of banjo ukes! Regards; Cliff.

From: Jamie Archer (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘VICTOR’ Banjo Uke (c.1978)

Hi John; The uke arrived today and you are right, the sound is fantastic. It’s great to own an ‘Abbott’ and feel just that bit closer to George! Kind regards; Jamie.

From: Ian Graham (England) Re: DALLAS ‘B’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1939)

Hi John; The uke came today, and I love her very much. You were dead right about how good they are for the money and much underestimated. I’m sure in the right hands they would be a good contender for higher priced instruments. Great in its original case with music book and pitch pipes and thanks for posting so quick. As I build my collection I will always buy from you. I wish I could afford the Dallas ‘D’ - I’m going to start saving. Thanks very much. All the very best; Ian.

From: Henry Hunter (England) Re: JOHNSON Concert-sized Resonator Ukulele (c.2010)

Hello John; The Uke arrived at 0930 this morning. I'm delighted with it. It's very well set up and thus easy to play, any idea what brand of strings are fitted? Will keep an eye on your site as I would like a simple ukulele banjo sometime. Thanks for making the transaction so easy and quick. Henry.

From: Jim Leaviss (England) Re: C. F. MARTIN & Co. Style 0 Soprano Ukulele (c.1950)

Morning. The uke got here safe and sound, thank you very much. I haven't had the chance to give it a full play yet as I'm in the office - but my brief go was really nice, thanks very much! Jim.

From: Tony Best (England) Re: JOHN GREY Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Hi John; Good to meet you yesterday. I really do like this little "John Grey" Banjo Uke you sorted out for me! It's lovely, and great to play the old tunes on. I will be checking your site for an upgrade in the future, maybe a Dallas C or something. Kind Regards; Tony.

From: Steve Smith (England) Re: Replacement Leather Case Handle

Hi John; Case handle arrived today and it’s spot on. Thanks for being so prompt. If I need anything else I will be in touch. Might see you at Blackpool sometime. Cheers; Daz.

From: Annie Molyneux (England) Re: CLIFFORD ESSEX Ukulele (c.1928) & LYON & HEALY Soprano Ukulele (c.1927)

Dear John; Pleased to report safe delivery of two very nice ukes........Both play very well and will be enjoyed....and yes isn't the Lyon and Healy a beaut! Thank you also for taking time to pack well and helping with the post. I will keep my eyes now on your site for any more future gems to add to my collection! With Best Wishes; Annie.

From: Steve Smith (England) Re: DALLAS Banjo Uke (c.1963)

Hello John; I just wanted to say thank you for your hospitality on Sunday, it was great talking to you and hearing you play. The Dallas is playing well and I look forward to being able to get a recognisable tune from it, as at the moment all I have are sore fingers. I really appreciated the time and advice you gave me. Thanks again; kind regards, Steve.

From: Tom Dowson (England) Re: MARKENDALE UB-3 Copy Banjo Uke (1995)

Hello again John; I would just like to place on record my sincere thanks for guiding me through the purchase of the Markendale UB3 copy. It is everything you promised and more. Your advice was greatly appreciated and I am now the proud possessor of of a great little banjo uke. I would recommend anyone interested in buying a top class instrument with banjo ukuleles in mind to get on to John Croft’s website, you won’t be disappointed. Kindest regards; Tom Dowson.

From: Cliff Pickersgill (England) Re: OSCAR SCHMIDT ‘SOVEREIGN’ Banjo Uke (c.1926)

Dear John; The Oscar Schmidt Sovereign arrived this morning, and it is every bit as good as your description. Not only is it beautifully constructed, but its condition belies its age. Previous owners have clearly cherished it, as shall I. On top of that, it sounds superb – even my poor efforts sound 100% better, which is really encouraging. I haven’t been able to resist keep taking it out of the case and strumming a few chords each time I pass (my wife’s at work today!). I'm looking forward to many years of happy ownership. With thanks and kind regards; Cliff.

From: Stephen Gallichan (England) Re: GIBSON UB-3 (c.1928)

Hi John; Apologies for not getting in touch sooner. Uke arrived safely, thanks. Looks and sounds very nice. I may want to order another custom case, how long are they taking to make..... is there a choice of interior colour? Regards; Steve.

From: Jamie Archer (England) Re: GIBSON UB-5 (1927)

Hi John; I just wanted to thank you for the Gibson UB-5, it looks and sounds fantastic. I am sure my playing has improved already and I will not be parting with it. Thank you very much for driving up with it. Hopefully we will meet up again some time at one of the conventions. Best Wishes; Jamie.

From: Steven Helme (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘Monarch’ (c.1927)

Hi John; Thank you for yet another first-class uke. This is the one that I have waited for - same as George Formby’s Abbott ‘Monarch’. It sounds beautiful. Thanks you for travelling all that way to deliver it. Look forward to seeing you again in March. Kindest regards; Steve Helme.

From: Lewis D Clifton (Wales) Re: LUDWIG Banjo Uke (1927)

Dear John; Just a quick email just to let you know how happy I am with the uke that we bought off you. Since Christmas morning I haven't stopped playing it! Along with the Ludwig, my Mum & Dad renewed my membership at the GFS and I'm hoping to come to the Blackpool Conventions in the new year. Thanks for finding the right Banjo-uke for me, and I would recommend yourself to anyone would like to buy a Banjo-ukulele. Thanks again and I hope to see you in Blackpool! Lewis D Clifton.

From: Paul Hayes (England) Re: JOHN GREY Banjo Uke (c.1927)

Thanks for the the excellent service, John. A nice banjo ukulele at a good price and excellent customer service from a very nice gentleman – you have a very satisfied customer on your hands! As regards the refund for late delivery – if you manage to get the postal people to refund the money, don’t bother about getting it back to me, just take it as a down-payment towards a copy of your book – once you’ve written it! I’ll be your first customer. Very best wishes, Paul Hayes.

From: Arthur Ellis (Wales) Re: ABBOTT ‘Monarch’ De Luxe Banjo Uke (1976)

Just taken delivery of above - lovely instrument. Many thanks; A. G. Ellis.

From: Leslie Bass (England) Re: GIBSON UB-1 (c.1926)

Hi John. Uke uke arrived this morning as promised. Impressed with the packing and very happy with my new baby. I read once that a UB-1 sounds like a normal uke banjo on an old 78 rpm record - I now know what they mean - unique sound. All I need now is a UB-4 to complete my collection (wouldn't bother with the UB5), but doubt I will ever be able to stretch to one. Many thanks, Les.

From: Rick Lunt (England) Re: BARNES & MULLINS Taro-patch (Made by George La Foley, London) (c.1928)

Dear John; Taro-patch just arrived. What a fantastic sounding instrument! Such a sweet sound and so light weight. Regards; Rick.

From: Tom Oram (Australia) Re: LUDWIG ‘Ambassador’ Tenor Banjo (1926)
G’Day John. My Ludwig Ambassador Tenor Banjo arrived Friday afternoon and she is a little beauty. It is such a good looking instrument I cant stop looking at it. I am thrilled! Thank you so much John. I will take it to my Swing Band rehearsals on Monday and I know it will fit in great with the band. Thanks again and Kindest Regards, Tom Oram.

From: Diane Walker (England) Re: LUDWIG ‘Wendell Hall’ Banjo Uke (c.1927)
Dear John; It has arrived this morning at 9.30.Only just been able to put it down at 12.30pm.WOW! It is beautiful! I am so thrilled with it. The sound is gorgeous even with me playing it. I will look after it and keep it forever. Thank you for all your help and advice.You were absolutely right at how stunning it is in looks and tone. THANK YOU. KIND REGARDS AND BEST WISHES. Diane.

From: Charles Flaherty (England) Re: JOHN GREY ‘The Faerie Queen’ Banjo Uke (1928)

Hello John; Quick email to let you know the Ukulele Banjo arrived safely today at 12 Noon!! I’m very happy to receive the Vintage John Grey Ukulele Banjo’. It plays and sounds Excellent. Thanks John!! I will speak to you soon. Regards, Charlie.

From: Barry Lapper (England) Re: DALLAS ‘E Model’ Banjo Uke (c.1952)
Hi John;  She arrived at 8 am. today. I am really pleased - love it! I will see you Saturday for a little chat. Thanks a lot; Barry.

From: David Hossack (Scotland) Re: MARTIN Style Copy Soprano Ukulele (c.1968)
Dear John; Very belated thanks for the Uke. I have had a huge amount of fun and am well and truly hooked! Kind regards; David.

From: Steve Helme (England) Re: GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1929)
Dear John; Thank you and your wife for the kind hospitality last Sunday. The Gibson UB3 is simply superb & I will never part with it. Wish I could have afforded the UB5 as well. Thanks again, Steve Helme.

From: Nick Goodwin (England) Re: DE VEKEY Long Scale Tenor Ukulele (c.1930)
Hi John; The uke arrived safely this morning and I am very happy with it. It looks like it has had a repair to a lifting back and a re-finish at some stage in it’s life... which is natural for it’s age... I agree with you it is gorgeous! Nick.

From: Andrew Fulop (England) Re: WINDSOR ‘Popular’ Banjo Uke (c.1929)
A wonderful ukulele as described by John. I really enjoyed dealing with John and would make no hesitation in recommending him. Thank You. Andrew Fulop.

From: Matthew Hall (England) Re: GIBSON UB-3 Banjo Uke (c.1927)
John; The eagle has landed. Thanks, she’s a beauty! M.

From: Jean le brun (France) Re: GIBSON UB-1 Banjo Uke (c.1927)
Hi John, I received the uke yesterday. It s great ! I am very happy with it. Thanks a lot. Best regards from Paris! Jano.

From: Steve Pepper (England) Re: LYON & HEALY ‘Shrine’ Ukulele (c.1927)
John. Picked it up this morning. She’s a real beauty and I see what you mean about holding her. Tone is very delicate and sweet. Many thanks . Steve.

From: David Broad (England) Re: LUDWIG ‘Wendell Hall’ Banjo-Uke (c.1927)
Safely arrived. Very pleased with it. Thank you. David Broad.

From: Hugues Vazelle (France) Re: BARNES & MULLINS ‘Amboyna’ 5-String Zither Banjo (c.1925)
Hello John, The banjo has arrived. It is very,very beautiful and has a great and splendid tone. Thank you very much again. Bien cordialement, Hugues.

From: Tony Woodcock (England) Re: LUDWIG ‘Wendell Hall’ Banjo-Uke (c.1927)
Hi John, just a quick line to say thanks again for another 1st class instrument. I am so pleased with the new uke, it sounds amazing and is such a contrast (in a good way) to the Abbott. Many thanks, Tony Woodcock.

From: Geoff Salminen (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘Monarch’ Banjo-Uke (c.1929)
Dear John; Please accept my sincere thanks for the ‘Abbott’ banjo uke and for your kind hospitality on my visits. It’s a wonderful instrument and I am now getting used to it (they all feel different). It is a lovely instrument to handle... ...and I know that I will get many years of enjoyment out of the instrument. Many many thanks, Geoff Salminen.

From: C. R. Lunt (England) Re: DE VEKEY Style 3/4 Tenor Ukulele (c.1930)
Hi John; Uke has just arrived. Such a sweet sounding uke, probably the best sounding uke I have. Many thanks. Rick.

From: Paul McNamara (England) Re: ABBOTT ‘Monarch’ Banjo-Uke (c.1928)
Dear John, Thanks to yourself and your lovely wife Mary for the hospitality on Sunday. The Abbott is a fantastic instrument and you’ve set it up superbly. Best regards, Paul.

From: Paul McNamara (England) Re: GIBSON ‘Big Resonator’ UB-3 Banjo-Uke (1927)
Dear John, You said it would be hard to find a better example of a Gibson UB3 and you weren’t wrong. She’s wonderful!! Thanks and best regards, Paul.


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