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ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ DE-LUXE Banjo Uke (c.1974). This is an absolutely fabulous early example of the late Jack Abbott Jnr’s well-known and very desirable banjo ukes, and it’s in MINT and totally unblemished condition. I’ve sold many of these banjo ukes over the years and this one has to be at the very least equal to the best I’ve ever sold. Signed and dated by the maker on the inside (together with details of all its previous owners), it also has Jack Abbott Jnr’s original signed and dated handwritten letter sent to Billy Hartley, the first owner of this instrument. It comes complete with its lovely lockable ‘Savage & Hoy’ black hard shaped case with internal pocket and red plush padded lining. With an immaculate neck, frets and fingerboard, magnificent original plating, very attractive decorative woodwork and inlays, superior geared tuning pegs replacing the original friction tuners, adjustable tailpiece and beautiful concave back to the resonator, it is magnificent. With a great playing action and a great sound, this is an Abbott banjo uke difficult to surpass. £3,750. SOLD

‘BABY’ ABBOTT Banjo Uke (c.1979). * Extremely Rare *. Only EIGHT of these banjo ukes were ever made (by Jack Abbott Jnr.) They were designed in the style of the pre-war Gibson UB-2 and UB-3 banjo ukes and all of them were different. The eight lucky owners loved them; they were light to hold, easy to play and they produced a great sound, as a result of which their owners don’t want to part with them - so they very rarely come up for sale. This example is all-original and in virtually MINT condition. Original tuning pegs. Straight neck with unworn fingerboard and frets. Sixteen hooks, nuts, and shoes, a sturdy bezel and an adjustable tailpiece. Bound neck with position dots on the side of the binding, and a very attractive resonator. This banjo uke is fabulous; it looks good, plays beautifully, and sounds terrific. It comes complete with an original vintage (and quite rare) ‘John Grey’ tensioner, and its lovely ‘Savage & Hoy’ black lockable hard shaped case with an internal pocket and made-to-measure teal blue plush padded lining. £2,750. SOLD

Pre-War ABBOTT ‘MONARCH’ Banjo Uke (c.1927).  £5,500. SOLD

Pre-War ABBOTT ‘WILL VAN ALLEN’ Banjo Uke (c.1926). £450. SOLD

DAVE BARNES ‘ABBOTT MONARCH’ COPY Banjo Uke (2022). This is an absolutely MINT example and completely unblemished, and it is only being offered for sale in order for the owner to offset the cost of purchasing an expensive and rare vintage Gibson banjo uke from the USA. The condition of this banjo uke is simply stunning and it appears never to have been played. It is made of maple with an ebony fingerboard and a mahogany resonator with a maple rim. The word ‘Monarch’ is stamped into the underside of the peghead and just beneath is the serial number ‘1621’ which means that it was the sixteenth (and very last) instrument made by Dave Barnes and it was begun in 2021, although it was sold in 2022 after everything had been allowed to settle in. The original certificate of authenticity comes with the instrument. Friction tuning pegs are fitted and the fingerboard is inlaid with three position dots. There is also a decorative feature in the centre of the resonator. The maker’s name is inlaid into the peghead and it comes complete its Barnes certificate of authenticity. Dave is a real craftsman and he put a huge amount of time and effort into designing and building these banjo ukes, as a result of which they are beautifully made and sound terrific. He has even gone to the trouble of copying the domed hexagonal tension nuts as found on the original pre-war Abbott ‘Monarch’ banjo uke. This uke comes complete with a lockable black plush lined hard shaped case. £2,200.

BEDDOES ‘NEW CONCERT’ GIBSON UB-2 STYLE Banjo Uke (c.1978). This is a great banjo uke that was made by a very well-respected maker. Light to hold, easy to play and with a great playing action, this is a fine looking and gorgeous sounding Ron Beddoes ‘New Concert’ banjo uke and this one is a slightly later example of his bottom-tension design made loosely in the style of a Gibson UB-2. Straight neck and no wear to the frets or the fingerboard. Modern replacement tuning pegs. Plated ‘NC’ (New Concert) metal logo on peghead. Original nut. Spliced neck. Sixteen-fret ebony fingerboard bound along each side and inlaid with multiple mother-of-pearl dots. Fourteen bottom-tension hooks and shoes shoes around the pot. Tailpiece fixed to the body therefore it will always remain in the same position. Old vellum in great condition. Gibson UB-2/3 style resonator with binding around the outside edge. Modern lockable hard shaped case with black exterior and grey internal plush velvet padded lining with internal pocket and lid (lock key inside), into which this banjo uke fits perfectly. £795.

‘BABY’ CARTWRIGHT Banjo Uke (c.2021). This is a totally original and MINT example of a ‘Baby’ Cartwright and it’s completely unblemished. Based on the design of the much loved pre-war Gibson UB2 & UB3 it is easy to hold and even easier to play. With no wear and no issues it is attractively finished and has ‘tobacco sunburst’ on the back of the resonator. The maker’s name is engraved onto the top of the adjustable tailpiece With its original and equally immaculate and MINT Cartwright black hard shaped case with made-to-measure padded red plush lining and an internal pocket, it represents fantastic value for money. £650.


DALLAS ‘A’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1939). This instrument is ideal for a beginner. This is no ordinary ‘A’ Model but one that has been beautifully enhanced, massively improved, and represents great value for money. As an extra bonus it has been gold-plated and looks lovely. It even comes complete with a Cartwright black hard shaped case which is thickly padded and has an internal pocket and lid. £350.

DALLAS ‘C’ MODEL Banjo Uke (c.1945). £350. SOLD

DALLAS ‘E’ MODEL Banjo Uke (1938). With the serial number E/1093 this instrument is wonderful example of a rare original top-of-the-range gold-plated ‘E’ model and it’s in magnificent original condition. The frets are good, and nail wear between the first few frets of the fingerboard have been expertly repaired. The only other thing to mention is a that a small piece of the black resonator binding has lifted near the neck (shown in the photos) The original deep gold-plating is in brilliant condition and virtually unblemished, and the original finish on the uke is superb. All the parts on this instrument are original as is its black hard shaped case with brown padded internal padded lining with pocket with lid. A great example of a great banjo uke. £1,495.

GIBSON UB-2 Banjo Uke (c.1927). With a re-finish of real quality this Gibson is in great condition. The bonus is that it has all of its correct original fittings, with the original vintage Grover tuning pegs (in perfect original condition) inside the pocket of the Grafton hard shaped case. Even the fitted tuning pegs are of high quality. This Gibson produces a stunning sound and it has a straight neck with pristine frets and playing positions on the fingerboard - which is inlaid with three mother-of-pearl position dots. It still has the original ‘The Gibson’ (in silver) at the top of the peghead, fourteen original flatted tension hooks, nuts and shoes, as well as the original ‘Nashville’ tailpiece, and it’s fitted with an Eddie Uttley non-tip maple bridge. The finish on the resonator does show some signs of minor crazing but as you can tell from the photographs it is not readily apparent. It comes complete with a lockable black ‘Grafton’ hard shaped case with plush grey padded lining. £1,100.

JOHN GREY ‘ROY SMECK SUPER’ Banjo Uke (c.1928). Roy Smeck was a famous American musician and entertainer known as ‘The Wizard of the Strings. This instrument was top of the four banjo ukes in ‘Roy Smeck’ range. It’s in fabulous original condition with its original hard shaped case. The case looks as though it has been through a war and it probably has! With the remains of the word ‘ENSA’ (Entertainment National Services Association) written on the lid, the indication is that it was once used by an entertainer of the armed services in World War 2 - but sadly we don’t know who. This banjo uke is completely original and has never been repaired or re-finished. It has a straight neck and no wear to the frets or the fingerboard and the resonator is easily detachable. Pristine condition inside and out. £595.

MARKENDALE GIBSON UB-3 COPY Banjo Uke (1992). £1,195. SOLD

MARKENDALE GIBSON UB-3 COPY Banjo Uke (c.1994). A lovely banjo uke in MINT original condition. It was made by the late Gordon Markendale who produced fine instruments based upon the designs of the top vintage banjo uke manufacturers of the 1920’s such as Ludwig, Gibson, and Abbott. Markendale quickly developed a reputation for making excellent banjo ukes which not only looked good but also sounded good, and they became very popular amongst players and remain popular today. This Gibson UB-3 copy is all original with a straight neck and no wear to the fifteen frets or to the rosewood fingerboard. Grover tuning pegs. Markendale name at the top of the peghead. Original nut. Snowflake and diamond mother-of-pearl inlays on the peghead and fingerboard. Fingerboard bound in cream ivoroid with four black position dots along one side. Fourteen hooks, nuts, and shoes, and original Grover ‘Nashville’ tailpiece. Very attractive ‘Sunburst’ finish on the neck, the body, and the resonator. The resonator itself is bound with cream ivoroid and has a decorative ring inlaid into it. Comes complete with a good quality black hard shaped case with made-to-measure plush velvet lining and an internal pocket and lid. £1,100. ON HOLD (For a customer returning to the UK at Christmas)

MARKENDALE GIBSON UB-3 COPY Banjo Uke (c.1994). This was the prototype banjo uke of this style made by Gordon Markendale. Comes complete with a hard shaped case. * This instrument is currently being fitted with a new vellum. More details & photos to follow after the new vellum has been fitted. £700. ON HOLD

WINDSOR ‘WHIRLE’ Banjo Uke (c.1927). This is a fine and great sounding original example of one of the top Windsor banjo ukes. The mid to lower range of Windsor instruments generally have a rather poor name and are not very popular, but their top instruments are terrific and were frequently played by some of the best professional players. This was Windsor’s in fantastic original condition - and it sounds great. Fingerboard, frets, and plating, are all immaculate. Original tuning pegs. Original tailpiece and original armrest, and its original hard shaped case (with internal pocket). This Windsor it’s an absolute bobby-dazzler. £795.


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